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Jim Katsoulis, creator of the
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“I've had wonderful results, so far I've lost almost 40 lbs...

Tammy M - Houston, TX

“I recently completed your Program Yourself Thin course, and I must say, I have had wonderful results so far. I have lost almost 40 lbs, and now walk more or less regularly 2X a day. Had you told me 3 months ago I would be doing all this on a regular basis (or even once in awhile), I would have told you you were NUTS. I have about 90 pounds to go to my goal weight, and can actually visualize myself finishing this .I have never been able to get all my ducks in a row for serious weight loss before this, and I am very pleased.

“I feel free, I had never realized how much food was controlling my life...”

Mary Pellino - Montreal, CA

“65 Pounds gone. This is how everyone is going to create the body they want. It makes so much sense. Just a few of the things I learned changed my entire life. Everyone should learn this stuff. It is amazing how much happier I am living the way I do now. I was at a point where I didn’t know what to do, I had tried all the diets and nothing was working. I feel like I’m free, I had never realized how much food was controlling my life. I am grateful to have found this course and taken action. Being thin is one of the most exciting adventures I’ve ever been on.”

"I've never felt so much confidence in my body..." 

Kathryn, Baker, ID

Thank you Jim for making this program. I’m happy to report that because of Program Yourself Thin I’ve never felt so much confidence in my body. I had trouble believing you at first that you could be fat and confident, but I could. And once I began feeling good about myself the weight came off easily and stayed off. 26 Pounds of it! Your approach to change is amazing because it’s so easy and it’s so effective.

“Letting go of my old habits and beliefs has been a totally new experience...”

Peter, Delft, Holland

Hi Jim, You couldn’t imagine what I’m learning from you – not only your weight loss course, which is excellent – but also in the area of customer satisfaction! I must say that letting go of my old habits and beliefs is a totally new experience for me. I used the Atkins diet to lose weight, and what I did was totally counter productive.  So, long story short, thank you thank you thank you thank you! And thank you again!

"35 Pounds in 3 months. The most success I've ever had..."

Anne - La Jolla, CA

“Amazing. 35 pounds in 3 months. The most success I’ve had ever, and the best part is that it was so easy. I’ve lost weight before, but it was always so stressful because I knew in the back of my mind that I wouldn’t be able to keep up the diet and that it wouldn’t last.This time it feels completely natural and automatic. I am literally a new person. I really do think, act, and respond like a thin person, which is amazing because I had been overweight since before I was a teenager. Your program made it so clear for me and I want you to know that it has changed my life.”

"I'm keeping my part of the bargain. PYT has helped me drop 40 pounds..."

Mark A - Portland, OR

“Jim, I writing to keep up my part of our bargain. “Program Yourself Thin” has changed my life by 40 pounds. And this is coming from a total skeptic. I got to admit I didn’t know if I believed at first, but I figured “what the hell, there’s a guarantee”, I’m so glad I did. Having this new body is great, but it is nothing compared to how I feel now. I used to be avoid going out because I felt no confidence, but now I just enjoy myself. It is so much better. And another thing that is so cool, is how people are always coming up to me and asking how I did it. The attention is really fun. Thank you, Jim”

"A great investment you can use over and over to stay on track..."

Caryn, Arlington, VA

It’s not about the food, it’s about what’s going on in your head. Jim’s programs get at what it really takes to change. The audio programs are a great investment you can use over and over to help yourself get and stay on track for better health.

“I'm now 38 pounds lighter! And have maintained it for over a year...”

Teresa, Burlington, VT

As someone who tried everything I can tell you, this is by far the best approach there is to losing weight for good. I didn’t lose a lot at first, but because of your course I continued eating well. And I’m now 38 pounds lighter! And have stayed at the same weight for the last year.

“Program Yourself Thin is amazing...”

Angie, Keene, NH

The Program Yourself Thin course is really amazing and lives up to its promises. Your coaching and teaching is really the key to success. Thanks so much and I look forward to continuing this process with you.

“I've lost 50 pounds to date...”

Anthony, Edmonton, Canada

You give great insight and blow the sensationalists out of the water. With your information and support and my effort I’ve lost 50 pounds to date. My goal is getting closer, Thanks.